We are leading this sector since 1993.

A true B2B solution that gives you the best competitive advantages in this increasingly global market.

We understand that B2B business requires unique eCommerce functionality such as customer-only portals, tiered pricing, customer verification for sensitive product purchase, and quick order input mechanisms. With these differences in mind, FOCUS develops eCommerce to exceed your expectations for B2B-driven functionality while providing the rich user interface and dynamic content your B2B buyers have come to expect in eCommerce transactions.

Our standards-based integration architecture accelerates integration into all of your critical business systems including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), payment gateways, tax calculation services, and more.

FOCUS eCommerce development platform offers .NET, Node JS and other implementation partners an advanced toolkit to become self-sufficient and deliver more eCommerce projects in a short period time. Our eCommerce platform is agile, iterative and rapid-to-deploy. We have deployed multiple eCommerce sites for several B2B manufacturer-distributor across the country, fully integrated with their ERP: SAP / Microsoft Dynamics.

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